Resumen del minicurso:

This workshop aims to give an overview of the concepts of Continuos Integration, Delivery and Deployment. It will be demonstrated how to create a Continuos Delivery Workflow that tests, builds, releases and continuously deploys a web application in Docker containers. The Delivery Workflow is implemented using modern DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, Containers, GitHub and Docker Hub. A demo web application will be deploy to Amazon Web Services(AWS).



Alejandro Villamarín
Prague College
Systems and Informatics Engineer from The Army University ESPE, graduated with honours for obtaining the best GPA of the Systems and Informatics class of 2013; he was awarded a Gold Medal of Honour. His thesis discuses the application of Semantic Web concepts to social networks. Master of Science in Computing with Distinction from Teeside University (United Kingdom). He obtained the Outstanding Student Award MSc. Computing from Prague College. His thesis discuses the application of Ontology Translation to Content Management Systems. He has published the paper: Ontology Translation: The Semiotic Engineering of Content Management Systems; available at De Gruyter Open. Associate Lecturer at Prague College (Czech Republic) and Teesside University. He lecturers the Advance Server Side Technologies class. Application Manager at CommerzSystems – Commerzbank Prague, member of the Distributed Application Team. Team that is responsible for the deployment mechanism of trading applications such as MurexFXCash and eFX. He holds two international certifications: Scrum Master Certified (SMC) and Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) from Scrum Alliance. His areas of interest are Development Operations (DevOps), agile methodologies and scripting languages/automatisation tools such as Ansible, Bash,Python, etc.




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